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About: M. M. Rainey, FRPS

Kelpies I

I am a long-time enthusiast photographer and digital artist living in the UK. Originally from Scotland, I currently live in London.

My main photographic interest is in landscape work, and I return often to Scotland, as well as travelling to other scenic parts of the world. When I’m not behind a tripod somewhere in the middle of a peatbog fending off the midges, I’ll have a go at most other types of photography wherever I happen to be ... cityscapes, macro, and occasionally even people!  I have a particular interest in Infrared photography, and shoot with a converted camera.  I am a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society (FRPS), gaining my Fellowship in May 2018.

Having more time now in retirement means I have also taken up Digital Art, and have been improving my Photoshop skills over the last year or two, as well as learning to create art using the iPad Pro and stylus.  I will continue to pursue my photographic interests, but in future will combine them with my more artistic work, and display all types of work on this site.

I welcome constructive comments on my work, so please make use of the Comments boxes in the Galleries, or contact me.

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